Mobile Home Purchasers


who buys used manufacture homesMobile Home Purchasers one of the most sought after Midwest mobile home purchasers, is a company which has long years of experience in the field of buying and selling mobile homes and trailers. If you are wondering ‘who will give me the most money for my mobile home’ then you have landed on the right page. Surely, the most reliable South Dakota mobile home buyers, Mobile Home Purchasers would make sure that you get the best deal on your old mobile house no matter if its single wide, double wide or triple wide. A company representative would meet your face to face and tell you about all the different selling options you might have. If you want to go forward with it then an appraiser would visit your home and determine your mobile home’s value.


You need not spend thousands of dollars to repair and repaint your pre owned mobile home since they would even purchase your ugly trailer and compensate your accordingly. There are more than one reason why a person considers selling his mobile house. Hefty medical bills, loss of job, decision to buy a property, divorce are just some of them. If you are thinking how to ‘get the most for my mobile home’ then look no further than Mobile Home Purchasers. With them you will experience a truly hassle free and prompt selling process and you can expect to conclude the deal within just a month or two. On the other hand when you opt for the conventional real estate channels you might take about 8-9 months to sell your trailer. This is not at all a suitable option especially for those who are in need of quick cash.

Mobile Home Purchasers would ensure that the process of your selling of mobile home gets as quick and easy as that of selling a car. Even if your trailer is located in a not so desirable location or is in an extremely run down condition you need not shirk from contacting us. If you are trying to get a decent amount for your mobile home then consider getting it repaired. Remove all the clutter from your house and clean it thoroughly to give it a neat and tidy look. Try to repair any leaks, plumbing issues and any other necessary repairs if you want to fetch a fat price.

Selling your mobile house has never been more convenient. All you need to do is visit or call on their toll free number at 888 873 0756. You need not spend on a home inspector to ascertain the value of your property since an appraiser of the company would do the job for you. However before you go about selling your old mobile home make sure that you have all the required paper works. In order to conclude the sale as quickly as possible you need to have the following paper works handy – mobile home titles, bills of sale, mobile home taxes and home occupancy documents (not required in all states).