Documents required for selling a Mobile Home

If you are going to sell your mobile home and are thinking that you don’t require any document for that then you are wrong. Though the documents required for the mobile homes are different as compared to that of the permanently fixed homes, but the fact is that they also need some occupancy certifications. Here we are going to mention the documents that you will need to sell your mobile home, regardless you are selling it to Ohio mobile home purchasers, Michigan mobile home buyers or any individual buyer.

If you are concerned that how to get the most for my mobile home then you should aim at completing all the documentation work. The documents that you will need are:

  • Title of the mobile home

As the mobile homes don’t come under the category of real property, they come with the titles as the automobiles come. In fact, the titles for the mobile homes are issued by the motor vehicle department of the state in which the homes are located. So, as the selling process of automobiles involves the signing of title by both buyer and sellers; you will be required to sign the mobile home title along with the buyer. After that the title should be registered at the motor vehicle department of your state.

  • Bill of sale

Like selling a personal property in which the bill of sale demonstrates the evidence of the sale, you may also be required to provide the bill of sale in the case of selling mobile homes. Then you and your home buyer will be required to sign the home’s bill while having it notarized.

  • Documents of the home occupancy

Front Exterior (7)Whether you are dealing with the manufactured home purchasers Iowa or with those belonging to Montana; you will be required to submit the documents of home occupancy. You will not be able to complete the sale process without the home occupancy certificate; so, you are required to provide your buyer with it. Moreover, in some of the states the sellers are also required to provide the documents of fire safety inspection along with the documents of occupancy. So, you need to check that whether there is any likely rule in your state or not.

There are some other documents that you will need like the mobile home taxes. If you are not aware of all the requirements, then hiring a professional company for help will be a good idea. Many sellers search for “people who buy mobile homes near me” and it is the case where professionals can help you. As they have the full record of all the mobile home buyers and sellers, they can let you find a buyer in proximity. It will let you complete all the documents related work easily. One company that you can count on for all these processes is Mobile Home Purchasers which you can visit on Company takes pride in offering its services in Nebraska, Ohio, Michigan, Montana, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota and many other areas. You can check the complete list on their website.