Going to sell your mobile home?

Are you going to sell your mobile home? Then here are some facts that you need to consider. Selling a mobile home is much different from selling a usual home. As buyers consider number of things while buying a used mobile home, you are required to be aware of them so that you can organize your home accordingly. Many get confused about the question that how do I sell my mobile home. But, let us tell you that it is not much difficult, you just need to mull over some facts before finalizing the deal.

Midwest mobile home buyersFirst of all, let us tell you that the park owner has no right to stop you from selling your mobile home in the case you are interested in selling it. You just need to find a mobile home buyer who is able to meet the enforceable rules of the park, is financially able to pay the rent and meets the other requirements that are mentioned by the park owner. If you remain successful in finding such a mobile home buyer then the park owner cannot interfere in the process. In such a case, he would be required to allow the buyer to reside the park home.

However, it would be better if you consult with your park owner before selling your mobile home as he has the right to place a first refusal. He has the right to buy the mobile home by matching an offer with the one that is offered by your mobile home purchasers. But, you are not required to worry as there are some limitations to this refusal. For an instance, he cannot place the first refusal in the case you are transferring or selling the mobile home to your family member.

Moreover, the park owner will get up to 10% of the total selling price as a commission when you will sell your home. There are following requirements that you would be required to meet for completing the selling process.

  • You are required to inform the park owner about the sale.
  • Inform the buyer about all the details including the pitch fee and owner’s commission.
  • You need to assign the pitch agreement to your manufactured home purchaser.
  • After that you should tell the buyer to fill “Notice of Assignment form”, so that he can pay the owner’s commission.

As there are many rules which need to be followed, it would be better to hire a professional company that deals in these services. As such companies have the list of potential buyers and sellers, they can help you in both the cases i.e. to sell or purchase a mobile home. One such company that we would like to mention here is Mobile Home Purchasers and you can check their services at www.MobileHomePurchasers.com. No matter whether you are looking for Illinois mobile home buyers or Ohio mobile home buyers, the company can help you to find a reliable buyer. The locations where this company deals are North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, Iowa and Nebraska.